Fontown job offer: Graphic designer


Fontown is the new and revolutionary way of using and sharing fonts between graphic designers with an ever-growing catalogue of high quality fonts. We are in full growth and international expansion, which will be a major challenge for the fontown’s team. That’s why we’re looking to recruit a graphic designer to work closely with our team to create new graphics and improve existing ones to make Fontown an even more attractive product.

Would you like to join our adventure? Keep reading!

About our team

  • We love typography and everything related to it, even the programming tasks.
  • We are a growing multidisciplinary team that makes the company a success.
  • We believe in giving back to the community everything they have given us by offering them better design solutions.
  • We are passionate about solving problems to make life easier for our users.
  • We are very detailed and perfectionist. We love to take care of product issues.
  • We are like the Spartans: we trust each other and together we are unstoppable.
  • We work in an agile and remote environment. We are result oriented!

Which will be your role

  • As our Graphic Designer you will primarily be tasked with designing consistently high quality graphics to show how can works the typefaces from our catalogue.
  • You will provide graphic design for our social networks, this is for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Always seek the highest possible quality in the design and implementation processes.
  • Collaborate effectively with other team members to raise your skills as designer.
  • Design and create mockups as visual corporate communication and advertising material, both digitally and in print.
  • Support the marketing team in matters of graphic design.
  • Collaborate closely with all relevant departments (e.g. product teams, management, art, HR, marketing, etc.)
  • Communicate design decisions effectively to other team members or other stakeholders.
  • To be a strong advocate of the importance of design and typography for our business.

What we are looking for

  • A completed degree or similar qualification in Graphic Design
  • Several years’ professional experience designing and implementing graphic design
  • Mastery of Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. Those softwares will be Fontown’s core graphic design development tool.
  • Excellent understanding of Typography
  • Confident in meeting the creative and typographical demands of all stakeholders
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Be a motivated and dynamic person.
  • You are an empathetic person with a sense of humor.

Why work with us

  • Salary: 18,000- 24,000€ according to your value.
  • An exciting job where you can assume responsibility and develop professionally.
  • A dynamic team with friendly, highly-qualified colleagues from all over the world but demanding work environment in which to enhance your skills.
  • Flexible working hours based on target compliance.
  • Strong, sustainable growth and fresh challenges every day
  • A culture of mutual respect and an outstanding working environment
  • Opportunity to help build a company that wants to change the way of consuming and distributing typography all over the world in a totally accessible and legal way.

How to submit your application

  • Submit the following application form
  • You should design two graphics (cover images) for promoting fonts from our catalogue.
  • Those two images should be sent in 1920×580 pixels PDF files.
  • To design those images you have to use fonts from our catalogue. You can register in our Light Catalogue. It is free and you will have access to more than 500 fonts with a single user desktop licence and local fonts in the cloud.
  • For inspiration, take a look at some of the cover images that promote typefaces in our catalogue.

One last thing: If you don’t fit all our requirements but still want to apply the offer, please go ahead! At Fontown we believe that professional development happens while teaching and learning from peers in real projects. We will be pleased to meet you.